In a world of E- Readers, Kindles, and Tablets I am frequently asked by my clients “What should I do with my old hard covered books?” Donating to your local library or used bookstore is a ‘good feel’ gesture but keep a few and let’s do some decorating.

Books are an easy, free (you already have them), and fun way to add color, texture, and height to floating shelves, bookcases, or any surface you’d like to display a cherished piece or great find.

Take book covers off your hard covered books and you might discover some very colorful books hiding under them. Use these colors to your advantage. Stack 2-3 books in shades of blue and put a family beach picture on top. Take a yellow book, put a green book on top and place a yellow ceramic dish or urn on top. Put books with travel titles on a shelf with a special item you bought on a vacation.

Love a lamp but wish it was taller?

A couple of books under that lamp will raise it up to your desired height and add some interest to the table it sits on. Arrange some framed pictures with a small dish or box in front and admire the beautiful tablescape you just created.

How about a coat rack?

Made out of books you ask? Yes!!

Pick a theme, color palette, or words. Glue and adhere the books to a board of the desired length, screw hooks on top of the books and create a one of a kind piece of wall art.

The ideas are only limited by your imagination. So go rediscover the wonders of your favorite books without even cracking one open