• Made from a solid piece of  mango wood, this 5 candle holder has a smooth finish but boasts a live edge filled with personality. 5 tea lights included 16”L x 5”d x 2.5”h
  • Water Bag Vases Water Bag Vases

    In a clever trick of the eye, the liquid form of these Water Bag Vases appears to be slipping of the edge of the solid pine box it's sitting on. Made of solid porcelain. Wood base included.

    Large: 6 inch x 6.5 inch x 8.5 inch Small: 8 inch x 7 inch x 6 inch Porcelain made in Jingdezhen, China
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    Each piece boasts 2 lives! One side is a vase but flip it over and it becomes a candle holder. Each piece includes a votive candle and a glass liner so the vase can be enjoyed with fresh flowers. Choose from ribbed mango wood or marble mango wood.
  • The Michael Cheese Board Set The Michael Cheese Board Set

    Made in America these bamboo cheese boards are elegant yet functional and perfect for a dressy dinner party or a backyard barbecue. Each comes with its own set of stainless steel tools.

    The Michael Cheese Board Set - the serving tray offers a section for bread/crackers and a front section for cheese with juice groove. Included are 2 white ceramic dishes for olives, oils, etc., 2 small bamboo spoons, and 4 tools which attach to a magnetic block. This makes a wonderful Engagement, wedding, or housewarming gift!

    Dimensions: 4"h x 15.5"w x 13.75"d

  • The Mary Cheese Board Set The Mary Cheese Board Set

    Made in America these bamboo cheese boards are elegant yet functional and perfect for a dressy dinner party or a backyard barbecue. Each comes with its own set of stainless steel tools.

    The Mary Cheese Board Set - this Board offers a built-in wire slicer. You'll never again search for something to slice the cheese! And a magnetic strip on the bamboo block holds the cheese tools.

    Dimensions2.25"H x 11.5"W x 12.5"D
    Weight3.00 lbs.

  • the Marilyn Travel and Makeup Bag the Marilyn Travel and Makeup Bag
    Marilyn is my only 2 in 1 Set. The black and white striped insert with big red lips is held firmly by Velcro inside the clear  bag embellished with a pair of funky sunglasses. Made from sturdy PVC with beautiful fabric and embroidered embellishments this clever duo is perfect for storage and travel. 8”h x 11”w x 4”d
  • The Jared Candleholders The Jared Candleholders

    Made in America, these  hand crafted iron candleholders are each individually made and no 2 are alike. Fits a 5/8" taper. Candle is included.

    Design Tip: Several pairs together create a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table; Impressive and interesting but doesn't impair conversation across the table!

    Cats & Jasmine is 19" tall. All other candlesticks are 12" tall.

  • The Grandy Brie Bakers The Grandy Brie Bakers

    Made in America  and hand signed by the artist, the Grandy Brie Baker is made from handmade earthenware and is dishwasher and oven safe.

    Each baker has its own special design and no 2 are alike. It comes with a recipe card  to make delicious Brie but the versatile pottery can be used for salsa, hummus , oil for dipping breads, candies...the list is endless. You can even use it on your dresser for your jewelry!

    Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 2"

  • The Danielle Vase The Danielle Vase

    Made in America and hand signed by the artist, these Vases are each individual and pack loads of personality. Completely hand made of earthenware clay and then fired to a lovely sheen these cute Vases stand on 4 little feet  and come in an array of colors.

    Design Tip: No 2 are alike but look wonderful paired. Don't have fresh flowers? Cut a small leafed twig from your tree for an organic look. Several cut from a pine tree look festive and smell great too!

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    The 12 Vases of Faces The 12 Vases of Faces

    Bring some whimsy and certainly conversation to your home or office with the 12 faces vase set. Each handcrafted face is totally unique and ready to add conversation and smiles to your space! Made of solid porcelain and packaged in a unique Tong wood box.

    Dimensions: each vase is 2.25"w x 4.25"h

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    Super Quad 1/2 with Numbers Super Quad 1/2 with Numbers

    Made in America, hand signed by the artist, and ready to hang these unusual clocks are made from recycled vinyl records and CD's. Each clock is unique and no 2 are the same. The artist uses several paint and brush techniques to give each clock a striking and unexpected appearance. A real conversation piece to put on an empty wall that needs something more then just a framed picture.

    Design Tip: A collection of 3 different styles hung together become an art statement!

  • Silver Lady Make Up Bag Silver Lady Make Up Bag
    With her big pink lips and luscious eyelashes all printed on silver pvc this makeup bag is the perfect size to hold all your daily essentials or to be used on a night out! Lined in hot pink nylon with a matching tassel hanging off the top zipper. 6.5”h x 10”h
  • Red Face Makeup Bag Red Face Makeup Bag
    This adorable makeup bag is the perfect traveling companion. She’s cute,stylish,and fits perfectly in your handbag! Made of canvas, lined, with an adorable embroidered design. 5”h x 7”w x 2”d
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    Pucker Up Bag
    With a large central compartment and a smalller one in the back, this fun canvas makeup bag ,lined in a red satin nylon, is embellished with a lovely hand embroidered  set of ruby red lips with gold detail on the front and  an unexpected ‘Pucker up’ embroidered in gold on the back. This bag is perfect for keeping your entire essentials organized. 7”h x 9”w x 3.5”d
  • For the poker lovers in your life  these custom embroidered pillows with their unusual triangular shape are a winner! Backed in a whimsical poker printed fabric and edged in a  black pom pom trim these fun pillows are 15" x 19" including the trim. Pair with the bingo pillows for a designer addition at any game room,family room, or bar area.
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    These natural cork bracelets are hand dyed and embellished with silver accents. Along with the magnetic closure for easy on and easy off these 'light in weight' bracelets are the perfect accessory to compliment any outfit. Please specify color at check out.
  • Multi Level Cheese Board Multi Level Cheese Board

    Made in America these bamboo cheese boards are elegant yet functional and perfect for a dressy dinner party or a backyard barbecue. Each comes with its own set of stainless steel tools.

    Multi Level Cheese Board-  swivels open to reveal four generously sized serving areas and a hidden pull out drawer with tools.

    Opened: 3.25"h x 12.5"w x 10"d

    Closed: 3.25"h x 17" round

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    The beauty of the wood this spiral vase boasts is so pretty, fresh flowers or greenery will just enhance its beauty. Includes glass liner.
  • Lipstick Pop in Red Lipstick Pop in Red
    This gorgeous lipstick shaped bag is such a handy size and can be used as a purse, make-up bag or as a fun clutch on a night out. Beautifully created from embroidered canvas with a vibrant red nylon lining, the Lipstick Pop is sure to turn heads! 11”h x 5”w x 1”d
  • Lauren Lacquer Tray Table Lauren Lacquer Tray Table

    The Lauren Lacquer Tray Table and Liner

    Applied by hand, these  trays have multiple layers of lacquer resin and are then polished to a high gloss to bring out the rich color. Perfect for a chair or bed side, on the patio for drinks and hors d'oeuvres, or tucked into a powder room. The removable tray is excellent for serving on your ottoman or credenza while the stand can fold for easy storage when not in use. I paired these striking tray tables  with our matching placemat liners for a completely different look. Each placemat is double sided each with its own pattern! It's like having 2 different trays!

    Round Black Lacquer Tray table - 15" round

    Elliptical  available in Teal Blue, Paprika, Gray, and Lime Lacquer- 17" x 14"

  • glass Square Candlesticks Glass Square Candlesticks

    Handmade Made in America these multi-metal Candlesticks stand an impressive 15" high and no 2 are alike. Each double candled stick shows off a handmade glass tile.

    Design Tip: Color coordinate the 2 x 2 glass Tile with a lacquered table. Place on the table with a favorite 5 x 7 photo and enjoy the compliments.

  • For the man who likes to feel macho, even in the shower! This brick size bar of soap has a fresh scent, has a great lather, and lasts twice as long compared to a traditional tactical scrubber. The newest and coolest soap on a rope yet.
  • Whether it's in a gym bag suitcase, or on the golf course this solid cologne in a can will keep our guys always smelling great. The 'open skies' scent is fresh and clean and works well with the soap on a rope too!
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    These 10 x 13 custom embroidered pillows say it all! Backed in a fun bingo print these pillows are a great conversation starter! For anyone that enjoys Bingo these pillows make a great birthday or hostess gift. Or fun for anyone who loves Bingo! Pair with the Ante Up Poker Pillows for a designer look!
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