• For the man who likes to feel macho, even in the shower! This brick size bar of soap has a fresh scent, has a great lather, and lasts twice as long compared to a traditional tactical scrubber. The newest and coolest soap on a rope yet.
  • Lipstick Pop in Red Lipstick Pop in Red
    This gorgeous lipstick shaped bag is such a handy size and can be used as a purse, make-up bag or as a fun clutch on a night out. Beautifully created from embroidered canvas with a vibrant red nylon lining, the Lipstick Pop is sure to turn heads! 11”h x 5”w x 1”d
  • Out of stock
    Each piece boasts 2 lives! One side is a vase but flip it over and it becomes a candle holder. Each piece includes a votive candle and a glass liner so the vase can be enjoyed with fresh flowers. Choose from ribbed mango wood or marble mango wood.
  • Red Face Makeup Bag Red Face Makeup Bag
    This adorable makeup bag is the perfect traveling companion. She’s cute,stylish,and fits perfectly in your handbag! Made of canvas, lined, with an adorable embroidered design. 5”h x 7”w x 2”d
  • The Danielle Vase The Danielle Vase

    Made in America and hand signed by the artist, these Vases are each individual and pack loads of personality. Completely hand made of earthenware clay and then fired to a lovely sheen these cute Vases stand on 4 little feet  and come in an array of colors.

    Design Tip: No 2 are alike but look wonderful paired. Don't have fresh flowers? Cut a small leafed twig from your tree for an organic look. Several cut from a pine tree look festive and smell great too!

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