Window treatments can make or break a room. Yes! It’s true! What’s hanging on your windows is as important as the furniture in the room. And can be as costly. But very often the furniture is replaced way before the window treatments are. Before you address your ‘window dressings’ you need to have a budget in mind. Clients are always amazed at the cost of treatments especially if it’s been awhile since they last purchased any.

Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Do I need privacy?
  2. Is keeping the hot, cold, and/ or light out an issue?
  3. Do I want function or just something pretty to complete the room?

These questions just scratch the surface but the answers can narrow down choices and make the process easier.

Let’s start with privacy. These treatments, whether they be shutters, shades or drapes, will have a lining on the back of them that will allow the light to come through but  provide privacy when you’re inside your home or office. For areas on the main floor of your home such as a family room or kitchen, where the hot sun can stream in, these treatments work very well. When closed it will still look like day time in your house but those bothering sun rays will be out of your eyes. In a bedroom situation ,when blackout is not necessary, light filtering shades and drapes  work very well in that they provide all the privacy you need but you’re not woken up in the morning with the sun shining in.

Now let’s talk thermal. Quite often I am having clients ask me about shades or drapes that can keep out the very cold and the very hot. Thermal shades and drapes can help reduce your heating and air-conditioning bills too! Time and time again I am surprised at how energy efficient these treatments can actually be. So what makes shades or drapes thermal? Instead of putting a privacy lining on the back of the treatment an interlining ,which feels like flannel, and then a heavier privacy or blackout lining is sewn on the back of the treatment. There are now two layers of lining which are heavier and therefore more able to keep out extreme temperatures that may creep into your home through the windows.  If you like your bedroom to be very dark into the morning then blackout lining is for you. Just keep in mind that shades can have some ‘light leak’ around the edges. If this is bothersome then drapery panels layered with the shades will take care of that issue.

Do you love the view outside your windows but still want to dress them up?Then drapery panels [non-functioning narrow drapes] may be for you! These can be in a fabric to introduce more color or pattern in the space. Or create a dressier room. Actually these simple panels,hung from a pretty drapery rod, can dramatically change the look of any room. Paired with a wood or fabric Roman shade you have a timeless look that can be enjoyed for years.

So the next time you look at your windows and think “What  I have just isn’t working for me” ask yourself these three simple questions and you will be on your way to exactly what you always wanted.