A Forever Home Into A Dream Home – Meet The Webb Family

The Situation

This Pasadena, Maryland family had found and bought their “forever” home. It was in their dream neighborhood, and right on the waterfront, where they could enjoy an amazing view!

The Problem

The house was dark, and the kitchen space was not very practical for a family that loves to spend time cooking and baking together. The kitchen was a tight galley-style that only allowed space for two cooks inside at a time… and counter space and storage were also severely limited. The first floor had a number of rooms with extra space that couldn’t be put to use, and the dining room was awkward at best. It was difficult for the entire family to enjoy being together at the same time.

The Solution

They turned their “forever” home into their dream home! The entire first floor went into construction, and the project was completed in just under 10 weeks. We created a totally open floor plan so the entire family could be together in the same space: cooking, eating, watching movies, and more. We knocked down walls, updated the lighting and the fireplace, and even had custom cabinets created so that the baker of the house could have her own Mixmaster drawer as well as a baking accessories wall cabinet.

This family now enjoys their time together in a design that’s unique to them and suits their lifestyle perfectly – they’ll be able to enjoy it for years to come!

From The Client

I asked Wendy to come in and help me give the place a “face lift”. What I didn’t expect was that I was about to envision and begin the journey to making my forever home my dream home. She started with asking me some very pointed questions and encouraging me to think about what was possible, it was like I had my own guide to building my dream home.

Wendy is direct and she’s great helping me make difficult decisions with ease. I’m in a very demanding career with little extra time in my life, she made all the decisions easier than I could have imagined. Even though she has the eye for design, she did listen to me and if I was not good with something, she didn’t take it personal at all. I felt like I was still in control without having to be “in control”.

Wendy has an amazing eye across the board. From figuring out how a space could be reimagined, to picking out pillows for our couch, she is on top of every detail. She loves to play and that was exciting for me since I tend to get stuck with certain colors and styles.

I loved working with Wendy and will continue to for our future projects. I felt like I had a truthful friend with me every step of the way, and now I’m living in my dream home which I could have never imagined without Wendy’s keen eye for space, detail, and design.

– Michelle Webb

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