Sometimes in life, it’s the little changes that have the biggest impact.

There’s a trend in design for bringing new life and style into a home, and it has to do with fireplaces.

It’s not about adding a whole new fireplace (which is possible), but rather upgrading the one you already have.

What’s not to love about the coziness and warmth that a fireplace brings to your home?

Well, if your mantel looks like it could tell a few tales about what life was like before the Internet – or if it just doesn’t match the rest of your home’s style – then it’s probably time for an update.

Fireplaces are the perfect gathering spot in a home – they provide moments of peace in the midst of busy lives, and they can even save you a little on the heating bill!

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Remember, life is too short (and winter is too long) to not give your fireplace the love it deserves.