Do you feel deflated when you enter your kitchen — like someone let all the air out of your balloon?

Has the spark of joy you used to feel when inviting everyone over and cooking a delicious meal all but disappeared?

If so, you’re not alone. Recently, a couple of our clients reached out to us about their lackluster kitchens.

Don’t get me wrong: these kitchens had always been the hearts of their respective home… but time had passed, and now the homeowners’ lives had changed.

What had once been cutting-edge — an inspiration for whipping up some tasty cuisine — had started to make take-out seem more appealing!

What’s the answer to this dilemma? It may not be an expensive redesign.

It could be all you need is a “refresh!”

In interior design, a refresh means to reinvigorate, to re-energize… to bring a new spark to your space.

Rather than put your kitchen through a full renovation (though those can be fun, too) you make just a few changes to see big results:

Because they can be completed in a week or two, these refreshes allow you to continue living in your home during the work… PLUS, you don’t even have to unpack your cabinets — a real win-win!

If you’re ready to refresh your kitchen in the most efficient, fun, and “Oh my, I feel like it’s a whole new kitchen!” kind-of-way, then let’s talk.

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