According to recent studies, the average person spends 26 years of their life sleeping… and another 7 years trying to sleep.

Just think of it: that’s 31 years of your life that’s spent (mostly) in your bedroom!

This is why your bedroom should be a refuge for escaping from the stresses of the day, relaxing your mind and body, and enjoying a well-earned reprieve from the daily grind of life.

I recently put this logic into practice for the Historic Ellicott City Show Home 2019 Master Bedroom – Belle Vue at The Chase:

I love supporting worthy nonprofits while creating new spaces in unexpected ways.

The live-edge hickory writing desk was one of my favorite additions, as well as surprising the homeowners with portraits of their cuties in an otherwise adult refuge.

One of the homeowners’ favorite touches was a coffee and wine bar, complete with mini-fridge, hidden behind a door resembling a bank of drawers.

Because, really: who wants to schlep up and down a flight of stairs for some San Pellegrino?

But in all seriousness, you don’t have to temporarily donate your home to a nonprofit to get these same kinds of results.

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